QA & Software Testing Solutions

A software team is only as good as the quality of the work it produces. That’s why we value excellence over success, and provide specialized QA & testing as a separate service–as well as baked right into every project we take up. No shortcuts.
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Our Quality Assurance team ensures your code is impeccable.

Manual Testing

Our manual testing engineers are experienced, meticulous, and highly focused on catching bugs. They make sure the software they’re testing is truly worth using.

Specialist Services

Our QA specialist teams focus on safety-critical applications, such as health care and medical apps. From protecting sensitive patient information to creating software that lives depend on, our QA specialists have the experience you need.

Automated Testing

Our automated testing engineers develop robust automated testing frameworks that optimize the software quality testing process, automate resource-heavy tasks, facilitate continuous testing, and help the Quality Assurance team maintain its own work quality.

Case Study
When we created Squibler, a writing software, the goal was to create the best writing software for books writers, screenplay writers, and short story writers. To do so, it required lots of segmentation and personalization of the customer journey.
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The Enigmatix Advantage

Our quality assurance experts monitor your project from start to finish.

Expert Monitoring

Our team is constantly monitoring the development of your software to ensure the code is impeccable.

Comprehensive Testing

Our team ensures your product will work well across all environments. We provide web-based, mobile, app, cross-browser, integration, acceptance, and performance testing.

Continuous Feedback

Our Quality Assurance team is firmly integrated into the project life cycle, ensuring that any bugs caught are immediately fixed.